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Alice in Wonderland

Your team is trapped in Wonderland!
Alice is nowhere to be seen, but she left you all the necessary clues to find your way back to reality. Hurry up! You have only 1 hour before the door between the two worlds closes.
Do you have what Alice had in order to escape Wonderland? Come and find out.

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Prison Break

You are sentenced to life in a highly secured prison. It was your faith to be locked in a cell that once belonged to a prisoner that escaped without a trace leaving behind some hidden clues to help you escape.
The Prison guard takes a 1-hour break and leaves you unattended and unwatched. Will you be able to succeed in your escape plan in time?

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Tomb Raider

You are a group of Treasure Hunters that found their way into an ancient secret TOMB searching for hidden treasure. Unfortunately, you have accidentally unleashed the curse of the Mummy and got trapped in. You have 60 minutes to find the secret passage, solve the mystery, and find your way out before it is too late.

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Lets play a game!! Your sins brought you here.
You were kidnapped and opened your eyes to find yourself chained in a mysterious abandoned house. You now realize it is just a sick game and you are the main character in it. Confess, pass insane tests and solve mysterious puzzles in order to escape in one piece. Keep in mind, JIGSAW is watching you!!! Take your steps very carefully. Let the game begin. Tick Tock, the clock is ticking

Pirates Adventure

The infamous pirate, Captain Jack has captured you and your group of treasure hunters and locked you away in his ship.

However, the storm at sea is getting worse. He knows there is nothing he can do now but abandon his ship and leave you behind.

One of his own crew members has turned on him and left a trail of clues, puzzles and challenges to help you find the treasure and escape.

You have just 60 minutes before the ship sinks into the eye of the storm. Think like a pirate, find the hidden clues and solve the mystery before it is too late.

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The Avengers

An evil galactic emperor has now collected the 5 incredible stones. He is still searching for the last and most important stone to get unlimited power that could wipe off the entire universe, he left the Galaxy gate open for 60 minutes to come back with the last stone.

You’re the last Avengers on a mission to save the planet by solving the mystery and finding 3 Galaxy Capsules that will destroy the last and most important stone before it is too late.

You have 60 minutes to accomplish you mission before he is back. The world is counting on you!

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Steam Punk Train

Welcome to the exciting world of steam engines!

You guys woke up fining yourselves locked alone in a highly speeding steam punk train heading toward a dead-end!

The train is rushing at full speed heading toward an unfinished bridge at few miles away which leaves you with only 60 minutes.

Will you be able to work together as a team to find a way to stop the train before it is too late? or else, this will definitely be your last adventure

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Black & White

Who likes grey areas anyway?How about a co-op game for two teams vs each other?

2 Teams will compete against each other, BLACK Team enters the white room and WHITE team enters the black room and they will challenge each other.

Both teams can track the progress of the other team from their base so they can keep an eye their progress against the other teams progress. 

It’s ideal for team building or competition.

Many Puzzles , tasks and a very unique experience.

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School Of Magic

You were lost in a Magic School and found yourself in the office of the most important magician! However, your Potions lesson will begin in 60 minutes. If you’re late, potion`s professor will be furious and your faculty will lose points because of you! You must urgently find a way to get out of this Magic office!

Now the fate of the world of wizardry depends on you.

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Game Of Stones

The winter came, the wall fell and the army of the dead destroying everything in their path is already approaching the first kingdom of people. Mankind has nothing to do but to prepare for war — not for the throne, the crown, but for the life itself. Will our children see the sunrise after the long night or will the winter swallow you forever?

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The Haunted House

Evil is everywhere. It poisons your life, slowly and subtly takes away the most precious. But maybe the evil is inside us? What if all fears that scare us just need help? What if a small child turns out to be fear? It depends only on you whether you manage to help her and to get out of this nightmare!

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 VR Escape Games (16 Games)

Discover the immersive world of VR teambuilding games.


We have 16 Mazing Virtual Reality Escape Games to choose from.

All VR Escape Games are are a full 60 minutes game.

Our VR games are team playing avatar games where players will communicate with each other during the game.

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